Allah Wala Engineering

Allah Wala Engineering (AWE) is a highly focused and specialist engineering solutions company, enjoys the advantage of being a niche in the areas of engineering design, analysis, prototyping & manufacturing. Allah Wala Engineering (AWE) was founded with the idea of developing and delivering world-class engineering designs in an ever changing and competitive market

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

We offer end to end design solutions covering concept design to product realization and support through product life cycle

Plant Engineering

Plant Engineering

Pressure vessel calculations as per the international codes, equipment design, 3d layout creation, detail engineering support design



We provide design services to automation builders, original equipment manufacturers and machine building facilities

Mechanical Contractor
of DP World (QICT), Port Qasim

We are with QICT as their mechanical contactor and supplier since its inception. Till date, we have performed copious jobs for all the terminal equipment including STS (Sea to Shore Crane), QC (Quay Crane), RTG (Rubber Tired Gantry Carnes), RS (Reach Stacker), EH (Empty Handler) and Heavy Duty Lifters.

Mekotex Group of

We have been working with Mekotex group of
industries since 1991. We provide all kind of
mechanical & fabrication services to all of their

Orient Textile Mills
(Pvt) Ltd

We are the sole mechanical servicer provider to
Orient Textile till date. We developed parts for all
kind of Dornier (Swiss) looms as in Lett of housing
and Worm gear in S.G iron.

Tri-Pack Films
Port Qasim

Tri-Pack Films is another example of our
exceptional erection. Other than its erection, we
are solely responsible for all the mechanical
repair and maintenance.

Pakistan International
Bulk Terminal Limited (PIBT)

We provide a number of services which include
fabrication machinery installation to PIBT. We have
also repaired their boom loaders & loading &
unloading grabs as per OEM requirements.


Pakistan Constructor