Heavy Engineering:

Mechanical Contractor for Denim and Textile Industry:

Mekotex Group of Industries.

We have been working with Mekotex group of industries since 1991. We provide all kind of mechanical and Fabrication services to all of their companies, which include Mekotex Pvt. Ltd., Arif Industries, Zamil Textile, Aquagen Pvt. Ltd. And Kam International. Some of our major jobs for Mekotex are:

  • Upgradation of 24 Rope dying to 28 Rope
  • Upgradation of 12 Rope Dying to 16 Rope
  • Erection of Zamil Textile
  • Erection of Picanol Summum Shed (120 Looms)
  • Repair and maintenance of all the parts of weaving, spinning, warping, rope dying, jacquard and printing equipments.
  • Repair and maintenance of power houses of Aquagen Pvt. Ltd.

Orient Textile Mills

We are the sole mechanical servicer provider to Orient Textile till date. We developed parts for all kind of Dornier (Swiss) looms as in Lett of housing and Worm gear in S.G iron. We are also specialized in all kind of gear fabrication and we have vast quantity of gear fabrication cutters, of all modulus and DP.

Other than Mekotex and Orient, we have conducted the erection of Zaman Textile in 2013. We are also specializing in cloth roll, dying roll, sizing roll, mercerizing roll and weaving beam barrels. To put it briefly, we provide all the kind mechanical and fabrication services to textile and denim industries.

Tri-Pack Films, Port Qasim

Tri-Pack Films is another example of our exceptional erection. Other than its erection, we are solely responsible for all the mechanical repair and maintenance. We develop all kind of gears for CPP and BOP lines, rubberized and chrome rolls for their films, of different sizes and materials, high pressure boiler pumps for CPP lines. We also provide overnight services to Tri-Pack in case of emergency shutdown due to mechanical fault. Moreover, we are also responsible for power house repair and maintenance.